1.0 Introduction

1.1 Name of the Organization

The name of the organization is Ontario Alliance of Mental Health Practitioners ("the Alliance", "the OAMHP").

1.2 Vision and Mission Statement

The Alliance is an organization of like-minded partners dedicated to the recognition of the counselling (see note below) and the psychotherapy professions in Ontario.

In fulfilling its mandate, the Alliance promotes the development of policies and practices for the provision of accessible, competent, and accountable counselling and psychotherapy services throughout the human lifespan in a manner sensitive to the pluralistic nature of society.

The Alliance strives to understand the needs of the diverse community of counsellors and psychotherapists in Ontario and aspires to being inclusive in its membership and a strong voice for the promotion of counselling and psychotherapy.

Note: Mental health professionals operate on a continuum that encompasses a broad range of approaches to treatment that cannot be artificially separated. There are no bright lines separating psychotherapy from other forms of mental health counselling. Psychotherapy and counselling exist on a continuum that can shift back and forth over the course of the therapeutic relationship or even in the course of a single session. That very fluidity is part of what makes the practice of mental health vital and able to respond to the complex and multi-layered needs of clients/patients. What all mental health professionals have in common is that they are trained to provide services that promote positive emotional, mental, psychological and behavioural change and growth through assessment and a plan of intervention.

1.3 Goals

  • To be the public voice of non-statutory self-regulating mental health professionals in Ontario .
  • The Alliance will speak to government, related professions, the media and the public alike;
  • To help shape the policies, practices, and procedures of the new College of Psychotherapists and
  • Registered Mental Health Therapists until the College is fully operational;
  • To research the future of the Alliance once the College is fully operational;
  • To research structure(s) that will function to protect the members of the Alliance in a coordinated and collegial manner, once the College is fully operational.

1.4 Principles

  • Recognition of the richness and diversity of the non-statutory, self-regulating sector in the mental health field in Ontario;
  • Recognition of the public's right to access, choice, timeliness, equity, cost-effectiveness and high quality mental health services.