4.0 Financial Management

4.1 Auditor

The members shall, at each annual meeting, appoint auditors to audit the accounts and annual financial statements of the OAMHP for report to the members at the next annual meeting. The auditors shall hold office until the next annual meeting provided that the Steering Committee may fill any casual vacancy in the office of the auditor.

4.2 Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the OAMHP is June 01 to May 31

4.3 Banking Arrangements and Execution of Instruments

The signing officers for all financial documents of the OAMHP are the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and any other officer appointed by the steering committee. The signatures of two of the three signing officers are required for all financial transactions.

The Steering Committee may by resolution from time to time:

  • Determine the bank or banks in which the account or accounts of the Alliance shall be kept;
  • Make and enter into all necessary arrangements for banking and custody or safekeeping of the securities and property of the Alliance in a safety deposit box or boxes or otherwise;
  • Designate and authorize any officers or employees of the Alliance to carry out such arrangements.