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How will the title of Registered Psychotherapist affect employment compared with social workers who are also providing clinical services?

Friday, 18 July 2014 01:17

It is difficult to predict. However, we do know that some employers require the applicant to be a member of a health regulatory body, but they do not specify which one.

Social Workers have had a regulatory body in Ontario for a number of years.

Once CRPO opens, psychotherapists will have a regulatory body to which they can apply to be registered. This may result in more eligibility for certain opportunities.

How will churches or other organizations where pastors/chaplains are offering "counselling" as part of their job become aware that this will be acting against the new legislation?

Friday, 18 July 2014 01:17

Late last year the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) advised the transitional Council (TC) that the new College should focus on regulating “the profession of psychotherapy.” The ministry also advised Council that it did not agree with the proposed Registered Mental Health Therapist category of membership. As a result, the TC is not proceeding with that category at this time.

The direction is clear, therefore, that we are regulating psychotherapists. The standards and registration requirements have been developed to support the safe and ethical practice of psychotherapy. That said, we expect that registered psychotherapists will come from a variety of backgrounds. Sometimes, their original professional education and training may be in a field such as music therapy, child and family services or pastoral counselling. All will be expected, however, to meet the same requirements, and once registered, will use the title, Registered Psychotherapists, or RP.

It is fully expected that professionals with backgrounds in addiction counselling, pastoral counselling and/or spiritual care, child and youth services and other fields will apply for registration, and will qualify if they have acquired the appropriate education & training and clinical experience related to the practice of psychotherapy.Regarding spiritual care providers in particular, the new College will be registering practitioners from faith-based or spiritual care backgrounds who meet registration requirements, via either ‘grandparenting’ or the regular route. That said, the transitional Council cannot support the contention that all chaplains or spiritual care providers must be registered. This will depend on their particular roles, their training and, possibly, the expectations of their employers.